Naive Madagascar 85% Extra Dark

Naive 85% Extra Dark Chocolate

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We've been big fans of Naive for quite a while. In fact, they were one of the first European makers we stocked a few years ago. And we're glad to be dipping our toe back into their range (so to speak).

The beans used in this chocolate are allegedly Criollo from the Akesson's Ambolikapiky plantation in Madagascar. As you would expect, the nose is heavy on the red fruits but surprisingly of tobacco too.

In terms of the flavour those typical red fruit flavours are also present but in superb form. More expressive than I can recall of a chocolate of this cocoa percentage. You should also get slight earthy and wooden notes that certainly add to the appeal. This is a fantastic chocolate!

Additional Information

Weight 70g
Made in Lithuana
Batch Code LOTN003
Ingredients Cacao beans, sugar, pure cacao butter, clarified butter, non-GMO soy lecithin.
Origin Madagascar
Cocoa 85% minimum
Best Before 05/06/2016

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