Nougat Variation

Nougat Variation

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For those of you seeking another sweet nut fix, much in the same way as the Thousand Layer Nougat, A Piece of the Forest and the For Busy Ones, we have another very interesting bar. 

Here we have a dark milk chocolate bar with 12% hazelnuts and 11% almonds wrapped in 60% dark milk chocolate. Having the chocolate coating at this level does lift it up even more and makes those flavours prominent as it melts. It also has a fantastic crunch to it from the nuts which should make it a hit with chocolate and nut fans alike.

Additional Information

Weight 70g
Fairtrade-content 50%
Ingredients raw cane sugar*°, cocoa butter*°, cocoa mass*°, hazelnuts°(12%), almonds°(11%), full cream milk powder°, butter°, sweet whey powder°, whole cane sugar*°, emulsifier: soy lecithin°, iodized salt, vanilla°. *FAIRTRADE certified 
°from controlled organic cultivation.
Origin Austria
Cocoa 60 % minimum in the chocolate coating
Best-before 27/06/2013