OCHO 100% Chocolate

OCHO 100% Chocolate

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OCHO is a craft chocolate maker based in South Dunedin, New Zealand and thanks to our friends at All About Chocolate we have been able to bring you this very new 100% - and hopefully more New Zealand chocolate in the future.

We tried OCHO's Papua New Guinea bar earlier in 2015 and loved it and it was great to hear that they've produced a 100% - not least because the cacao was grown in a new origin for us - Samoa and with early processing taking place in the village of Siusega on Upolu Island more precisely. 

Current growers in Samoa has been blessed with the odd smattering of Criollo-like cacao but the islands mostly contain Amelonado beans from West Africa via Sri Lanker and brought over by German traders in the late 19th Century. 

As the islands are volcanic, it would be nice that the subsequent fertility of the soil helps develop the flavour of the cacao and the chocolate, but nothing in the produced flavour profile hints at this. 

The actual flavours are very pronounced, stark and intense. It's almost leaning towards a 'Marmite' kind of flavour but diverts away at the last second. It comes across more rounded, nuttier and perhaps even papaya. 

Despite having no added cocoa butter, it is the natural levels of cocoa butter found in Samoan chocolate that also give this bar a very creamy, soft, luscious mouth fell.


Maker OCHO
Best Before 31/08/2016
Ingredients Cocoa, cocoa butter
Cocoa 100%AMMAO
Produced In New Zealand
Weight 40g
Batch Number N/A
Dietary Gluten free, may contain traces of soya
Maker's Tasting Notes The ONE HUNDRED PERCENT bar is just that - 100% pure cocoa bean. Ther's nothing added; no extra cocoa butter, no vanilla, no soy-based emulsifier. There is a stron chocolate aroma and a surprisingly creamy mouth feel. The flavour is savoury with soft earthy notes and a hint of leather. The beans are from Sang Yum Farm in Samoa and grown and processed using organic farming practices. 

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