Original Beans 66% Beni Wild Harvest

Original Beans 66% Beni Wild Harvest

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As this chocolate is made from wild cacao growing in the Beni savannah rather than in an organised farm, plantation or estate then there are greater seasonal variations and is a perfect example of how chocolate makers react to the profile of the cocoa bean when deciding on the roasting profile and length of time the cocoa 'cake' is conched for. Previously this chocolate was available at a 68% cocoa level and a 60 hour conch. Here we have a lower cocoa content and much shorter conch time. The exact effect will be down to individual tastes, but this will increase the sharpness and flavour load. 

You may 'get' a different balance of notes, but what is most evident to us is that there is a great deal of lemon cheesecake here with a noticeable dose of vanilla. Others are likely to get prune and honey. 

This is a smooth dark chocolate without any rough edges or powerful intensity.

Additional Information

Weight 70g
Dietary May contain traces of nuts. Suitable for Vegans and is Gluten Free
Ingredients Direct Trade cocoa beans, cacao butter, raw cane sugar. 34% of the ingredients are organic
Origin Beni Savannah, Iténez Province, Bolivia
Cocoa Strain Beniano
Cocoa 66
Maker's Tasting Notes Sun-dried cranberries, melon, subtle tropical fruit notes, hints of jasmine tea; delicate yet distinct, wonderfully round flavour and long finish.