Original Beans 70% Cru Virunga from Congo DR

Original Beans 70% Cru Virunga from Congo DR

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Cacao from the African continent often does get a bad rap, but here it's certainly not deserved. As is typical with Original Beans, however, the flavours on offer aren't strident. But still for a 70% they're almost at a dark-milk level. That's rounded, milk-like edge has nothing to do with any milk, as there isn't any, but more so to do with the cocoa and the way it has been worked. 

As the chocolate works further through the melt you should experience a great cherry flavour which lingers. Behind that will be a slight tartness of blood orange and even almond. Perhaps, if you allow your mind to relax you might even get some liquorice. 

This chocolate is like a piece of art which might not seem too clever from a distance, but as you approach and relax your senses a wonderful picture becomes evident. The wonderful flavours available here cannot be appreciated if your mind is elsewhere. But if you let it rest you should be able to enjoy a complex variety of notes.

Additional Information

Weight 70g
Dietary May contain traces of nuts. Suitable for Vegans and is Gluten Free
Ingredients Direct Trade cocoa beans, cacao butter, raw cane sugar. All ingredients are reported as being Organic.
Origin Beni Mavivi National Park, Democratic Republic of Congo
Cocoa Strain Amazon (also used in Zotter's Peru, Amano Jembrana Milk, Bonnat Ivoire, Domori Apurimac, Amma 100%, Valrhona Ivoire, Pralus Brazil, Zotter Congo.
Cocoa 70% minimum
Maker's Tasting Notes Zingy with ripe morello cherries, deeply chocolatey, smoky tobacco, great length.
Awards Academy of Chocolate Silver 2011 and a Great Taste Awards 1 Star Gold.