Pacari 100%

Pacari 100%

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If you feel you've tried 100% dark chocolate and know what its all about then we do recommend you try this fantastic raw version by Pacari. It's made with raw chocolate - essentially under-processed as all cocoa is effectively "cooked" during the initial fermenting process. What you'll get when you try it is a balance of red fruits and spices with an appreciable level of acidity - at a level greater than you would expect from other 'raw' chocolate. That being said, its still noticeably milder than perhaps the Bonnat, Menakao or Bouga Cocoa 100% bars. You should notice an appreciable floral tone which, when combined with a natural earthiness, gives it a delicious rustic character. This bar uses fairly traded Arriba Nacional cocoa bean from Ecuador apparently from organic estates in the Esmeraldas, Manabi and Los Rios regions.

Additional Information

Weight 50g
Ingredients Pure cocoa mass. Free of soy and lactose. May contain traces of nuts.

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