Pacari 60% Organic Chocolate with Cherry

Pacari 60% Organic Chocolate with Cherry

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At first you'll only get the very pleasant Pacari 60% and although you'll feel the texture of the cherry, you won't notice the flavour for a while. Then it'll softly build up to level where the cherry flavours will totally occupy the experience, and we absolutely love this chocolate because of it!

As you would expect, this is one of Pacari's sweeter chocolates but along with that is beautiful, creamy texture that will seduce your tastebuds.

Additional Information

Weight 50g
Bean Arriba Nacional
Origin Ecuadaor
Cocoa 60% minimum
Dietary Soya Free, certified organic and Kosher. May contain traces of nuts.

cocoa mass, cane sugar, cacao butter, Cherry (dehydrated), sunflower lecithin