Pacari 70% Raw Award Winning Raw Chocolate

Pacari 70% Raw Award Winning Raw Chocolate

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In 2012 this bar one a Gold in the International Chocolate awards for the best dark chocolate bar in the world. Interestingly it beat off competition from much more renowned producers who don't limit themselves to being certified organic, Kosher, dairy free or gluten free. And another aspect about Pacari that certainly requires attention is that they do very much support the local Ecuadorian communities - much more than Fair Trade does.

What I love about this raw chocolate is that it is a million miles away from the metallic flavours that traditional raw chocolate offers. This actually tastes like a very fine, conventional bar of dark chocolate. The aroma is powerful, punchy and direct with hints of tar and supported by a whole heap of red fruits whilst the appearance is very dark and polished.

The texture does start to give away the production style as it's not as smooth as conventional chocolate, but certainly much more relaxed than the Claudio Corallo's or Madre's chocolate.

In terms of flavour, it’s predominantly of cherry with a backdrop of redcurrant and just a touch of under-ripe banana at the edge. And these flavours last as long as any chocolate I can remember. For many minutes after the melt has finished my taste buds are still picking up the joyous tannin tones.

Additional Information

Awards International Chocolate Awards 2012 Gold: Dark Plain/Origin Bars. International Chocolate Award Americas Gold - Plain and Dark origin bars!
Weight 50g
Ingredients Cacao beans, cane sugar, cacao butter, sunflower lecithin. Pure cocoa mass. Free of soy and lactose. May contain traces of nuts.

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