Pacari 70% Raw Chocolate With Salt & Nibs

Pacari 70% Raw Chocolate With Salt & Nibs

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Here we have another of Pacari's award winning chocolate bars for you to try and in the knowledge that they're onto something great they keep with their luscious Ecuadorian 70% chocolate but enhance it even further, if that were possible, with cocoa nibs from the same origin and salt from the Cuzco Valley in Peru.

Not only does the processing of the beans at less than 42°C keep a great dose of the natural antioxidants, but it helps to keep more of the true cacao flavour running through the chocolate. Salt traditionally brings out flavour and that's what it certainly does here. The hit of the salt may be surprising at first taste, but it lessens over time and does lift the caramel-like flavour of the nibs.

If you were looking for a chocolate to surprise your friends or loved-ones, I would say you couldn't go far to wrong with this bar as it should knock quite a few preconceptions about both raw chocolate and the addition of salt to it.

Additional Information

Awards International Chocolate Awards 2012 Salt: Flavoured
Weight 50g
Bean Arriba Nacional
Dietary Certified organic and Kosher
Ingredients Cacao beans, cane sugar, salt, sunflower lecithin. Free of soy and lactose. May contain traces of nuts.

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