Pacari 85% Organic Dark Chocolate

Pacari 85% Organic Dark Chocolate

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Pacari are one of a growing band of ethical bean-to-bar chocolate makers that pay over the market rate for the cocoa beans due to their desire to make farming of cacao pay for those engaged in tending and harvesting the cacao trees. Pacari also make exceedingly good, award winning chocolate

Here we have the 85% counterpart of the 70% and the 100% and can either be seen as a compromise of the 100% or an enhancement, in terms of forcefulness at least, of the sublime 70%. 

In terms of appearance there's a slight redness which accompanies the dark brown whilst this isn't particularly the highly glossed and perfectly moulded chocolate you would expect from say Pralus or Valrhona, instead it shows the rustic approach of a smaller scale, less commercial chocolate maker.

When it comes to flavour there is a distinct power to it as you may expect. But this chocolate offers more than pure strength. There are significant fruit-acidic notes aligned more with Lumi and Ishpingo. But even then there are slight notes of cherry to soften the core. The tannin is unavoidable but key to this level of chocolate. 

Other 85% chocolate such as the Valrhona Abiano may match this for tartness, but few have the variety and interest delivered here. 

The Pacari 85% also is gluten free, certified organic, certified kosher and soy free as well as being "raw" - in the Lower Impact Processing approach and kosher.

We do have here a very interesting chocolate and one that should be compared with either the 70% to 100% if you were interested in running your own chocolate tasting event.

Additional Information

Weight 50g
Ingredients Cacao beans, cane sugar, cacao butter, sunflower lecithin. Pure cocoa mass. Free of soy and lactose. May contain traces of nuts.

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