Patric Chocolate PBJ OMG

Patric Chocolate PBJ OMG

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You're probably wondering what the PBJ stands for. If you're a peanut butter and jam fan as I am (guilty secret) then you will know what it means. But how does Alan McClure work that into this chocolate? Well you can see from the ingredients, it includes naturally made peanut butter and plays that against the naturally red-fruit notes from the Madagascan cacao which offers a jam-like characteristic. Together, that balance of sweet and sour works a triumph. Of course it’s tangy and intense. But as a whimsical chocolate it works exceptionally well and it would come as no surprise to know that this is one of Alan's top sellers.

What we don't have the % of cocoa present in the chocolate. We can see that it is physically very soft, light and lacks any real cocoa intensity that we could try and guess, but we won't. The cocoa level isn't important, what is, is that damn addictive flavour.


Cocoa 74% cocoa minimum
Ingredients Cacao, organic cane sugar, natural peanut butter (roasted peanuts and salt), cocoa butter, sea salt.
Allergy May contain traces of peanuts and/or tree nuts and dairy due to shared equipment. Soy & gluten free.
Best Before 22/10/2014 (UK version of the date)
Weight 65g
Origin Madagascar, Sambriano
Bean Criollo
Made in USA
 I (guilty secret) I (guilty secret)

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