Pitch Dark Ecuador 73% Floral

Pitch Dark Ecuador 73% Floral

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Ecuador seems to have become the 'work horse' of chocolate makers. The perception is that beans from this origin have become relatively easy to acquire and there have been some very successful makers that operate out of the country that perhaps it's been a bit 'over-done'. That may be true of some regions and plantations but I've always been very pleased with chocolate made with Camino Verde beans. 

Sometimes I feel that Ecuadorian origins can be invariably offer dry, earthy, dusty chocolate. Thankfully this one is rich, and creamy. It's almost like hot chocolate in bar form.In fact, it has similarities with the old Pralus Chauo with it's slightly high roast and chocolate brownie notes. Although this is a Camino, it doesn't remind me of any others I've tried.

This contrasts greatly with the aroma which offers a direct balsamic quality - leaning towards salty spice.

Additional Information

Tasting Notes "Fruity" is the first in a series of bars produced from the Camino Verde plantation. Every bean in the series comes from the same plot, but fermentation is different. Cacao farmer Vicente Norero highlights the specific flavor notes inherent in his beans. You have to smell and taste to understand.
Dietary Produced in a factory that handles nuts & milk.
Weight 52.7g
Plantation Camino Verde
Ingredients Cacao, sugar, cocoa butter
Origin Ecuador
Cocoa Solids 73% minimum