Pitch Dark Fiji 73%

Pitch Dark Fiji 73%

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Fiji may not be blessed with the finest cacao as most of it originates from Amazonian Amelonado stock, but there are still some other strains and hybrids kicking around to make exploring this island's cacao worthwhile and interesting. 

The aroma is typically 'straight-laced' and unforgiving whilst the flavour has a sharp harshness and unctuousness that I find strangely attractive. It's not pretentious. It's certainly not overburdened with sophistication but it is what it is. You can't readily change the cacao that Fiji has to offer so you may as well work with what you've got and make the best chocolate you can from it. 

Alongside that acidity comes tropical fruit flavours and even hazelnut. Although it's classically not as refined as Venezuelan origin chocolate, it still has a unique beauty that I massively appreciate. 

Good luck to the Fijian cacao growers I say.

Additional Information

Tasting Notes Sourced from the Namau Village on the exotic islands of Fiji, you’ll notice this cacao is distinctly unique when compared to that sourced from more traditional origins. It’s rich flavor and delightful aroma will heighten all your senses and create an experience unlike any other. Every moment of this bars silky texture will be a redefinition. A five star bar.
Dietary Produced in a factory that handles nuts & milk.
Weight 52.7g
Village Namau
Ingredients Cacao, sugar, cocoa butter
Origin Fiji
Cocoa Solids 73% minimum