Pitch Dark Madagascar 73%

Pitch Dark Madagascar 73%

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Madagascar is another very popular origin so it’s nice to actually find something a bit more obscure. Often you'll find chocolate of this origin going down more of the red berry route than the orange that this bar does - even if it is produced from Bertil's beans that many other makers have also used. Another great feature is that this chocolate is different to Pitch's other bars where they have more of a 'brownie' texture whilst this is more of a classic experience.

It's a nice, refreshing, clean chocolate with a good deal of friendly 'zip'.

Additional Information

Tasting Notes From the Akesson Estate, this single plantation bar is created from old Venezuelan stock brought to Madagascar. It boasts predominantly fruity tones while maintaining a uniquely spicy undertone. Usually one of the favorites as the texture is unique and sensual.
Dietary Produced in a factory that handles nuts & milk.
Weight 52.7g
Plantation Akesson's
Ingredients Cacao, sugar, cocoa butter
Origin Madagascar
Cocoa Solids 73% minimum