Pralus 100%

Pralus 100%

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The Pralus 100% truly a special bar of chocolate, not least because it has a complexion much lighter than you would expect at this cocoa level. As you open the wrapper you'll witness a deep-red tone reminiscent of Georgian red bricks and a shine as clear and striking as one could possibly wish for. Thefallacythat all 100% chocolate tastes the same is more than proven wrong here. Although some versions are truly rustic, and perhaps harsh, Pralus manages to create a bitter bar with a great deal of sophistication and panache. But its a cunning bar too. The natural cocoa flavour won't beimmediatelyapparent, instead it'll take some time to come to the fore. When it does you'll notice its undoubted acidity, but this accompanied by an elegant mint tone and then a stunning collection of red fruits. As the melt continues you should witness a variety of nut hues - no wonder why this bar won a Silver at the Academy of Chocolate in 2009.  

Additional Information

Nutritional-value100g kcal 610,Carbohydrates 18g,protein 9.4 g,fat 52g
Ingredients Cocoa,pure cocoa butter. May contain traces of nuts,almonds or milk
Awards Academy of Chocolate,London: Silver best organic chocolate origin Madagascar – Criollo cocoa varieties
Weight 100g
Origin Madagascar
Produced-in France

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