Pralus Cacao Poudre Plantation 100% Dark Chocolate

Pralus 100% Drinking Chocolate

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We do love 100% drinking chocolate and stock some from the well-respected Bonnat as well as the up-and-coming Bouga Cacao, but we're especially delighted to stock the wonderful 100% hot chocolate from Pralus

As the name suggests, contained within the oddly-shaped metallic container is just natural cocoa - nothing else. What's more, the cocoa powder has been de-fatted, which leaves more of the inherent and most wonderful true cocoa taste that true gourmet chocolate lovers crave.



Best-before 20/11/2014
Ingredients Organic defatted cocoa powder
Cocoa 100%
Produced-in Domincan Republic
Weight 250g
Batch Number Not Stated
Dietary Organic