Pralus Chuao 75%

Pralus Chuao 75%

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For as long as I could remember Amedei had a monopoly on the harvested beans from the small Venezuelan village of Chuao. Today the market is open for other esteemed chocolate makers to try their hand and producing similarly fantastic chocolate. For my mind the Pralus incarnation has been the finest in existence, but every year brings a new harvest and a new characteristic of bean which alters with the climate and initial processing. And that is what makes chocolate production an interesting occupation and tasting such a fascinating past-time.

The Pralus Chuao is still a splendid bar of very fine chocolate. The long roast, so typical of Domori, sets this bar apart from the others, not necessarily in terms of quality, but definitely in profile.

The aroma is predominantly of wine vinegar which softens to red fruits. Whilst the flavour works in the opposite direction. It starts off relatively mild but then builds into a fruity crescendo that consumes your senses. What's more it had a flavour profile that mimicked the crispy edges of chocolate brownies.

Additional Information

Weight 50g
Best Before 12/04/2015
Cocoa 75%
Bean Criollo
Origin Chuao, Northern Venezuela
Maker's Tasting Notes This chocolate is long on the palate with a fine balance of bitter and acidity with earthy tones.
Ingredients 75% cocoa sugar, pure cocoa butter, GMO-free soya lecithin.
Produced in France

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