Pralus Cuba 75%

Pralus Cuba 75%

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Pralus are renowned for their highly polished and well-tempered chocolate and it comes as no surprise that this Cuba offering is similarly so. - but with a personality all of its own. Cuba is a fascinating and curious group of islands with a fascinating 'under-belly' and so does this bar, not least, for its very dark colour and rudimentary texture.

The Cuba's flavour continues with the theme and is more brutish than many of Pralus' other chocolate - but that what is so endearing about this chocolate, its far less sophisticated than the Chuao or Indonesie. The melt is not a consistent experience; you'll get rushes of brusqueness which can jolt your senses. What's more, this also has a texture that, again, isn't as refined as most of Pralus' other chocolate.

Although one could see this bar as more rustic than could be expected, it does allow us to test thoroughly the skills of Pralus as a chocolate maker and appreciate that they're trying cocoas from less traditional sources.

Additional Information

Weight 100g
Cocoa 75%
Bean Trinitario
Origin Cuba
Maker's Tasting Notes None

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