Pralus Indonesie 75%

Pralus Indonesie 75%

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Pralus are well-known for their sophisticated finish to their chocolate; an unusual, off-centre, design and crisp, clear snap. And this single origin bar Indonesie is no different. It's made with Criollo beans from the island of Java which not only offers a sublime texture but also a captivating variety of flavours. 
In a blind-tasting I'm sure you could identify the varietal used here. The notes offer a degree of orange peel which transitions subtly into a curious blend of liquorice, leather - all with a smoky, tannin backdrop. 
This is a personal favourite.

Additional Information

Weight 100g
Cocoa 75%
Bean Arriba
Origin Buena Fe Los Rios Province.
Maker's Tasting Notes Its aromatic profile makes it a must try for aficionados around the world. 

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