Pralus Melissa 45%

Pralus Melissa 45%

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Now milk chocolate lovers can get a taste for the superb flavours offered by Pralus in the form of this Javan 45% bar which goes by the name of Melissa. In French this means "lemon balm" - despite the fact there is none present in the list of ingredients the flavour does become apparent.

Some might shudder at the thought of creating a milk bar with fine Criollo beans, but we feel that our own sensibilities shouldn't constrain a bean. We should, instead, explore the range of possibilities that it can offer and here Francois Pralus has create a very interesting milk bar which has caramelised nuts and dark toffee present in abundance. 

It can be seen that this chocolate is a great introduction for people that have traditionally enjoyed lower quality milk chocolate into the world of fine chocolate with the aim of perhaps moving into softer dark bars - primarily because there are unusual flavours present here, not least the lemon balm with the chocolate finishes with.

Additional Information

Weight 100g
Cocoa 45%
Bean Criollo
Origin Java (Indonesia)
Tasting Notes Caramel, smoke, milk and a touch of lemon balm.
Ingredients 45% cocoa, milk powder, sugar pure cocoa butter, GMNo-free soya lecithin.
Allergy May contain traces of nuts or milk.