Pralus Sao Tome 75%

Pralus Sao Tome 75%

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From the same island nation as Claudio Corallo, we have Pralus' incarnation of a Sao Tome origin chocolate, but here we have a much smoother offering that just dazzles and scintillates. What we have here is a definitive true cocoa flavour backed up by tobacco leaf, almond and under-ripe mango. And who of those that say you can't make a great chocolate with Forastero beans need a good slap - and they'll probably get it from the flavours contained within this chocolate.

The aroma mixes almond and astringency. It's just delightful. 

Additional Information

Weight 100g
Cocoa 75%
Bean Amelonado? - Forestaro
Origin Sao Tome
Maker's  Notes The island cultures of Sao Tome and Principe conspire to produce a chocolate that is both intense and distinct in flavour, quite unlike what is usually found in Africa.
Ingredients Cocoa mass (cocoa, pure cocoa butter), sugar, soy lecithin (GMO free - free from genetically modified organisms). May contain traces of nuts and milk.