Pralus Vanuatu 75%

Pralus Vanuatu 75%

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One of the more endearing qualities of Pralus as chocolate makers, other than their fine artisanal chocolate, is that they're willing to make chocolate using cocoa from less conventional sources. Here we have a 75% bar made with cocoa from the west coast of the Vanuatu island of Epi which is located between the Solomon Islands, Fiji and New Caledonia in the Pacific Ocean.

Pralus never fail to impress with the finish of their chocolate. And the Vanuatu is no different. It has a deep, rich colour and a clear shine. What is different, however, is the flavour. What was most striking for me was a German-style gingerbread served at Christmas which runs through a traditional 'chocolate' flavour. There are, however, 'shots' of acidity that add random blasts of additional flavour.

From such a 'new' player in the cocoa production scene it was unlikely that the cocoa was likely to be as sophisticated as the origins with 100's of years of growing and harvesting expertise. But, nonetheless this bar offered the opportunity for chocolate-lovers to live vicariously through the cocoa bean, and that benefit should not be overlooked. 

Additional Information

Weight 100g
Best Before 09/11/2014
Cocoa 75%
Bean Amelonado - Forestaro
Origin West Coast of the island of Epi
Maker's Tasting Notes The unique flavour of this chocolate comes from drying the beans on copra mats giving it a hint of smokiness.
Ingredients Cocoa mass (cocoa, pure cocoa butter), sugar, soy lecithin (GMO free - free from genetically modified organisms). May contain traces of nuts and milk.