Pump Street Bakery Cocoa Nibs from Ecuador

Pump Street Bakery Cocoa Nibs from Ecuador

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Knowing that the cocoa nibs from Menakao, Wilkies and Pacari are popular with people who love the 'pick-me-up' affect that they may feel after having some nibs, we just had to add the new nibs from the Pump Street Bakery to our list of wonderful chocolate products. 

The aroma is utterly delightful with a walnut and brandy-like flavour profile. Just at the back you may also pick up almond and horseradish. The flavour, however, is more subdued. Some of the cocoa nibs you can buy have a very intense flavour, but not these. They are more palatable than most nibs you may find in health food shops as these are from a superior Arriba Nacional estate in Ecuador.

Additional Information

Weight 50g
Dietary May contain traces of nuts
Ingredients Roasted cocoa beans
Origin Ecuador, Quevedo, Hacienda Guantupi estate
Cocoa Strain Arriba Nactional
Cocoa 100% minimum