Pump Street Bakery 100% Ecuador

Pump Street Bakery 100% Ecuador

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This 100% is a perfect example of how a chocolate from the same origin and bean changes as the cocoa level increases. Not only have the wonderful Pump Street Bakery produced 60% dark milk from Ecuadorian cocoa but also a 75% and an 85%.

Made in their tiny set-up in Orford, Suffolk with Arriba Nacional cacao from Hacienda Guantupi. The Pump Street Bakery have produced a fabulous 100%. The shine is utterly fantastic and the aroma as you place your note into the packaging heady. But it's the flavour that I appreciate most. It somehow balances a rich creaminess associated with a Pralus with a decent level of acidity and a nutty backdrop. It also offers a Brandy-like after taste that doesn't diminish as rapidly as some other chocolate at this cocoa level.

As you move your mouth around you will release more flavour that isn't noticeable at the beginning of the melt. 

Additional Information

Maker Pump Street Bakery
Weight 65g
Dietary May contain traces of nuts
Ingredients Cocoa Mass, cane sugar, cocoa butter
Origin Ecuador, Quevedo, Hacienda Guantupi estate owned by Samuel von Rutte. 2013 Harvest.
Cocoa Strain Arriba Nactional
Cocoa 100% minimum

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