Pump Street Bakery 75% Ecuador

Pump Street Bakery 75% Ecuador

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This chocolate moves the dark milk from the same estate up a few notches and as you bring it up to the nose it may even remind you of Duffy's chocolate. However, Chris from the Pump Street Bakery manages the wonderful texture and snap without the use of sunflower lecithin. In fact this chocolate just contains cocoa and sugar, and it’s all the better for it.

Although Chris is fond of a light roast, the flavour of the cacao actually mimics a fairly high roast. And I absolutely love it for this. The tasting notes are spot-on from for what it’s worth. The butterscotch profile is fairly dominant but utterly wonderful. There's even a heap of thick, heavy clotted cream to boot.

The melt, if you're able to focus on it with all the flavour going on, is utterly fantastic too and lends itself to a continual flow of flavour even for several minutes after the melt has finished. Which may actually deliver lumi-style flavours.

Additional Information

Weight 70g
Dietary May contain traces of nuts
Ingredients Cocoa Mass, cane sugar, cocoa butter
Origin Ecuador, Quevedo, Hacienda Guantupi estate
Cocoa Strain Arriba Nactional
Cocoa 75% minimum
Maker's Tasting Notes Notes of butterscotch, dates, red wine and citrus fruits.

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