Pump Street Bakery 85% Dark Chocolate

Pump Street Bakery 85% Ecuador

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This is a "darker" version of their Ecuador 75% handmade with fine flavour Arriba Nacional cacao from Hacienda Guantupi. If you do decide to try this chocolate then you just have to open up the pouch and place your nose in as the aroma is so very intense. It's just beautiful. There's a heady mix of salinity, balsamic vinegar and summer fruits. 

The flavour, however, is radically different. You may even feel there has been some sleight of hand as you take the chocolate out of its wrapping and place a piece in your mouth as the flavour is just so much milder than you may expect. This chocolate should be used on chocolate tasting courses as an example why you should not judge a chocolate on its cocoa percent. 

Even with a light roast I would suspect this has a conch time much lengthier than normal as much of that expected acidity has been worked out. Personally I prefer more intense chocolate at this level, but for those who are trying to limit their sugar intake, but still like smooth textures, 'soft' flavours and a rich experience would most definitely prefer this than, say, a Coppeneur 85% Ghana.

Additional Information

Weight 65g
Dietary May contain traces of nuts
Ingredients Cocoa Mass, cane sugar, cocoa butter
Origin Ecuador, Quevedo, Hacienda Guantupi estate
Cocoa Strain Arriba Nactional
Cocoa 85% minimum
Maker's Tasting Notes Warm deep flavours with notes of butterscotch, dates and red wine.