Pump Street Bakery Grenada 70%

Pump Street Bakery Grenada 70%

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Wow. It's a good job I don't use speech recognition to automatically include my thoughts here as I'm sure you wouldn't like to read the sharp end of my colourful vocabulary. This chocolate starts off with heavy on the luscious cream but then quickly moves on to an intense blackberry that tastes as fresh as if you have just picked them off a bush. In fact this chocolate tastes even more intense than that, it's as if blackberries have been reduced down and the 'jus' blended with cocoa beans. 

It does, thankfully, pull back from being too heavy on the red fruits. It takes you to the edge and then pulls back. Mingling within the sweet fruity flavours mingles some 'malt' to give it some balance.

This is one very special bar of chocolate.

Additional Information

Maker Pump Street Bakery
Weight 65g
Dietary May contain traces of nuts
Ingredients Cocoa beans, cane sugar, cocoa butter
Origin Grenada, Crayfish Bay
Maker's Notes We are proud to be making the only Crayfish Bay single estate bar in the world. These beans yield a pronounced blackberry flavour and floral notes.
Cocoa 66% minimum