Pump Street Bakery Sourdough and Sea Salt Chocolate

Pump Street Bakery Sourdough and Sea Salt Chocolate

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For the past couple of hours we've had this chocolate by our side as we've been processing orders and now there's hardly any left - it has to be one of the most addictive chocolates I've ever come across. The 66% fine Venezuelan cocoa gives it an intensity far more direct that you would expect for a chocolate at this cocoa level. The sea salt will have a great deal to do with this as the flavours are just rampant. The sourdough particles not only give it a sweet/sour edge to proceedings but also a crunch that that brings the back memories of long-forgotten childhood chocolate.

How Chris and his team managed to create this marvellous chocolate is beyond me, but there are many things in life more important than knowing how something was made, the primary is how it makes you feel. And this one pushes all the right buttons.

Additional Information

Maker Pump Street Bakery
Weight 65g
Dietary May contain traces of nuts
Ingredients Cocoa beans, cane sugar, cocoa butter, brad crumbs & salt.
Origin Pantamo, Venezuela
Maker's Notes A unique combination of two signature products ... Our sourdough crumbs and a touch of sea salt add crunch and a smooth malty flavour ...
Cocoa 66% minimum

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