Pump Street Chocolate - Guatemala 75% Limited Edition

Pump Street Chocolate Guatemala 75% Limited Edition Dark Chocolate

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A chocolate that won't be around for much longer due to its limited edition status. But one you absolutely have to try. The cacao was grown in the Laguna Lachuá Reserve, part of the a national reserve in Guatemala which is relatively close to the Mexican border. The beans are from their 2017 harvest so there won't be many left on the shelves.

As an origin, Guatemala is known for its big, striking, bold fruity notes. There may no be much fine-flavour Criollo left in the country and you are more likely to come across cacao with high levels of Ecuador Nacional or Amelonado but that doesn't mean that you cannot find exquisite-flavour cacao here.

If you do manage to get hold of this chocolate then you'll get similarly-floral notes but also plummy, treacle flavours. Certainly note one that a new-comer to fine chocolate may 'get' but it'll make an interesting starting point and even a conversation topic at a dinner party.