Bouga Cacao Pure 100% Hot Chocolate

Bouga Cacao Pure 100% Hot Chocolate

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Previously the Amazonia 100% hot chocolate was a firm favourite with customers and now we offer the a slight variant with this "Puro" 100% dark chocolate which is just straight cocoa - without the ishpink spices that were used to add a layer of exoticness to the experience. This hot chocolate certainly isn't like the excessively sweet stuff you'll find in the supermarket. Although this mix can be used used to make hot chocolate in the ratio of 1 tablespoon of hot chocolate powder to one mug of hot water, it can also be used to produce flavoursome ice creams, beautiful sauces for puddings but also to melt down and coat strawberries and exotic fruits. For those interested, this hot drinking chocolate is made from Nacional Arriba cocoa beans grown in Ecuador.  

NB: This now comes in black packaging with resealable metal clips. 

Additional Information

Weight 100g
Origin Ecuador
Produced In France
Ingredients Cocoa
Best Before 30/04/2016