Rococo Plus Noir que noir 99% (essentially 100%)

Rococo Plus Noir que noir 99% (essentially 100%)

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We've been great fans of Rococo for as long as we can remember and even more so since we also became members of the Academy of Chocolate with Chantal and although we may stock a much wider range of her chocolates in the future we just couldn't pass up the opportunity to stock her 99% dark chocolate.

Rococo have labelled their chocolate as 99% because they believe that as it is produced in an environment that also handles milk and sugar that there is a chance that traces of those ingredients could be found in the chocolate, hence making it impossible to guarantee that this chocolate is just cocoa mass, and hence not being able to be called 100%.

This is a fairly mild "100%" with a rich, creamy texture and an almost nutty flavour. There are odd flashes of rose present too which combine to provide a wonderful foil for the traditional, intense 100%s.

Additional Information

Nutritional Information: per 100g 51g fats, of which 32g saturates and 0g trans fats. 13g carbohydrates of which 1g sugar. Protein 13.5g. Salt 0g.
Weight 70g
Cocoa 99% minimum
Best Before 31/04/2017
Batch No. GL5309
Ingredients 99% cocoa
Dietary May contain traces of milk and sugar and produced in a factory which handles nuts.

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