Santa Domingo 40% Milk Chocolate Bar from Zotter

Santa Domingo 40%

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This is a mild milk chocolate bar made with cocoa grown in the Dominican Republic. Unlike the Handscooped funky and often rambunctious chocolate bars, these Labooko ones are far more sophisticated and aimed at chocolate lovers with a very discerning palette.  

Zotter does roast, grind, mill and conch their the cocoa beans in their own bean-to-bar factory and the team there are sticklers for quality. With this one they've clearly aimed at producing a milk chocolate bar that is both smooth but have also allowed the authentic, slightly acidic, flavour to poke through. This is certainly one to steal away a few moments for yourself with.

Additional Information

Weight 70g
Fairtrade-content 78%
Ingredients Raw cane sugar*°, cocoa butter*°, full cream milk powder°(21%), cocoa mass*°, iodized salt, vanilla°
Origin Austria
Cocoa 40% minimum