Seaforth Grenada 70%

Seaforth Grenada 70%

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The first time I tried this chocolate at the Chocolate Show in London I thought it had a striking similarity to the very popular, and award-winning, Crayfish Bay bar from the Pump Street Bakery. As I sit and taste it without the noise and the accompanying hustle and bustle, it seems a more intense chocolate. This one has more strident flavours, it seems lighter on the cocoa butter and the sugar is more noticeable. All-round, its a 'sharper' affair. 

You should most certainly get notes of figs and flashes of lime. There's also the odd dash of Venezuelan-like hazelnut. Other visits bring back a floral aspect and others it's certainly very much directed at banana and then others it has a boozy edge. Every bite is different - and that's what I love about it!

Additional Information

Maker Seaforth
Weight 70g
Cocoa 70% Minimum
Varietal Allegedly more weighted towards Amazonian cacao, but I'm confident there's a good degree of Criollo-like DNA in there.
Ingredients Cocoa beans, cane sugar
Origin Grenada
Region Unknown

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