Slitti 100% Dark Chocolate

Slitti 100% Dark Chocolate

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Slitti isn't a name that is often at the tip of people's tongues when they're asked to mention a fine European chocolate maker, but it'd be remiss of us not to include a wide range of chocolate makers that produce very interesting dark chocolate bars. 

This bar does have a very interesting and unusual aroma that some may not have witnessed before, it's strikingly of red fruits with a hint of smoke. Whilst the snap is sensational, its loud, crisp and indicates that Slitti knew what they were doing. 
In terms of flavour, this bar has an initial sweet caramel tone (although there is no sugar added to the bar). It slowly melts and turns into a slight espresso flavour that I can't recall with any other 100% bar. 
When it comes to texture you'll never find a 100% bar as silky smooth as milk chocolate or even lower cocoa content dark bars, but this still has a very pleasant mouth-feel that exhibits a very long-lasting melt. What's more, this dark chocolate bar, at 100g in weight should last a very long time given that each piece should keep you satiated for at least 20 minutes at a time.  

Additional Information

Lot-number B1126
Produced-in Italy
Best-before 26/11/2016
Cocoa 100% cocoa mass
Ingredients Cocoa mass

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