Slitti 70% Dark Chocolate - Gran Cacao Ecuador

Slitti 70% Dark Chocolate - Gran Cacao Ecuador

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Here we have a similar chocolate in approach to the Peru 70% in that it's of the same cocoa level and includes cocoa nibs to add a bit more 'zing' than normal chocolate. It also is made from a blend of Arriba beans from a variety of co-operatives and growers.

As with much cocoa from this origin you should get noticeable floral notes, but as Slitti has added 3% cocoa nibs then you'll also get some great crunch and a wonderful 'pointed' flavour that adds another dimension.

Additional Information

Lot-number C1111
Origin Ecuador
Inclusions Cocoa Nibs
Produced-in Italy
Variety Blend
Cocoa 70% cocoa minimum
Best Before 11/11/2015
Ingredients Cocoa mass, sugar, cocoa butter, cocoa nibs (3%) natural vanilla. (No soya lecithin)

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