Slitti 73% Dark Chocolate

Slitti 73% Dark Chocolate

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Slitti to produce wonderful-looking chocolate. Perhaps not so much the packaging which is stark, manly and functional. But inside the chocolate is always finished perfectly and has a shine that most mirror manufacturers would be proud of. 

This chocolate is more than just visually appealing. For a blended chocolate it also offers a flavour profile that punches far above its expected weight. After an aggressive start it softens into hazelnut and creamy coffee. Raspberries follow and then a thin layer of acidity. This is a very well-worked chocolate considering its not single origin. 

Additional Information

Lot-number C701
Origin Various - Central America
Inclusions None
Produced-in Italy
Variety Blend
Cocoa 73% cocoa minimum
Best Before


Ingredients Cocoa mass, sugar, cocoa butter, natural vanilla. (No soya lecithin)