Slitti 90% Gran Cacao

Slitti 90% Gran Cacao

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Following on from the superb Slitti 100% bar we have this 90% blend of South American cocoas which has rave reviews - and rightly so. The Slitti 90% has an almost perfect finish with a luscious shine which completely belies the brutish nature of the aroma. When you bring it to the nose you'll witness a vast array of ever-changing scents. It'll traverse the realms of red fruits, vanilla and Muscavado sugar. Every attempt to gauge the nose offers something different. In terms of flavour, those red fruit tones present in the aroma are certainly present on the taste buds at the outset of the melt. As this softening process continues it will mellow somewhat into well-roasted coffee beans.

Additional Information

Ingredients Cocoa mass,sugar,cocoa butter,natural vanilla.
Weight 100g
Dietary Does not contain soya lecithin.
Best-before 27/06/2015
Cocoa 90%
Batch-no C627
Produced-in Italy

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