Slitti Dark Hot Chocolate Sticks

Slitti Dark Hot Chocolate Sticks

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Often when we make hot drinking chocolate we're unable to fully mix all of the chocolate in which means that as you drink it it'll get steadily more intense. If that's not something you like then we have the perfect, functional and fun alternative - chocolates on sticks. Here you simply get yourself a mug of pipping hot (but still safe to drink) milk and gently stir this chocolate-laden stick around until its all melted - if you can wait that long.

The chocolate isn't as dark as some of the hot chocolate we have, as at 60% its further down the sweeter end but still with that great Slitti flavour that they've become renowned for.

Additional Information

Weight 148g
Produced-in Italy
Cocoa 60% minimum
Best-before 15/10/2015
Ingredients Cocoa mass, sugar, cocoa butter, natural vanilla,
Dietary This hot chocolate doesn't contain any soya lecithin