Solomon's Gold - 250g of Roasted Nibs

Solomon's Gold - 250g of Roasted Nibs

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These nibs by Solomons Gold are like nature’s ‘chocolate chips’. With a beautiful raw and earthy flavour, grown in perfect condition, these single origin antioxidant treats are perfect superfood because of their high mineral and every levels.

These nibs were produced from a tropical paradise where the growing conditions are perfect, the soil is pure-untouched, and the locals are treated with much-deserved respect. Solomons Gold Cacao Nibs are the from Word’s finest single origin cacao. Just one taste and you will understand why these nutrition and anti-oxidant packed cacao nibs are like pure gold.

About Solomons Gold

Solomons Gold grows its own cacao beans in the Solomon’s Islands hand-in-hand with the local Solomon Islanders. Solomons Gold has complete control of its cacao, from planting the seedlings and harvesting, fermenting and grading the beans, to the roasting, winnowing, refining, tempering and packaging of Solomon’s Gold chocolate at its New Zealand MPI-certified factory in Tauranga.

Tasting Notes

This healthy treat has a delicious earthy and organic taste. Perfect for snacking, baking or even as a smoothie upgrade, these nibs are deliciously good.

The delicious raw and organic distinctive flavour of Solomons Gold cacao nibs is generated from the perfect growing conditions and naturally-organic environment of the Solomon Island.