Solstice Chocolate 70% Madagascar Sambirano

Solstice Chocolate 70% Madagascar Sambirano

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Madagascar seems to be one of those origins every chocolate maker has to a go at. It's like ice cream makers trying their skills at a refined vanilla or doing the edges of a jigsaw puzzle first. The point, however, is that Madagascar does offer variation. You've got Criollo, Amelonado and various hybrids for chocolate markers to test themselves on. 

It seems to be an unassailable challenge to offer a new interpretation on the red fruit notes which the island has become known for in terms of chocolate. Although you still get those sweet, autumn flavours here, they are offered in such a beautiful way that you'll just want another and another fix. I got thick cut marmalade with butter - heaps of creaminess. 

The aroma and texture also offered great enjoyment so if you see yourself as a bit of an expert at Madagascan cacao and want to see what this Salt Lake City outfit can do with the beans, then I'm sure you won't regret it. Those that haven't explored chocolate from this origin will have the bar set high with this chocolate that many other chocolates will find it tough to beat.

NB: The best before date.


Cocoa 70% cocoa minimum
Ingredients Organic cocoa beans, organic cane sugar, organic cocoa butter
Dietary May contain traces of nuts and milk protein. Suitable for vegans and vegetarians.
Best Before 31/01/2015
Weight 71g
Origin Madagascar
Bean Unknown
Made in USA

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