Soma Arcana 100%

Soma Arcana 100%

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Sometimes blended 100%s can be a bit hit and miss. To me the purpose of a 100% is to get the full character of a bean type and origin and to blend them often obscures the full personality of the bean. Thankfully this 'dumbing down' isn't a feature of this blended offering from Soma.

For many years I've been trying to stock Soma's bars as I've sporadically tried various bars, but only as single squares handed around as they were some sort of relic from Roman times. I've never seem able to characterise Soma's style other than determining that I really do like their chocolate.

Looking at this 100% in isolation it is a splendid bar. I would say it's about 75% of the way from the creamiest, mellowist 100%'s I've tried to the most intense. There is a heap load of flavour, but its very 'jammy' and a touch saline. Perhaps there's even a touch of 'Bovril' about it - at first. Other mouthfuls will have a dry floral profile - the sort of waft you get from opening an old, heavy books used as flower presses and stood squashed in the bookshelf for a generation or two. 

There two is a hazelnut complexion that rides through a great part of the melt. The end note, however, is very heavy on the salinity. There's no harsh astringency, but it is poignant. 
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Additional Information

Weight 65g
Fairtrade Content N/A
Ingredients Cocoa Beans
Origin Blend: Ecuador, Madagascar, Trinidad
Cocoa 100%