Soma Black Science Papua New Guinea

Soma Black Science Papua New Guinea

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Reminiscent of Fruition's milk bar with an edge of bourbon, this is a strident bar that's not as far into the PNG profile as I would expect. This origin normally knocks your socks off with peaty, earthy smokey notes - but that's far from in evidence here. I get more corn syrup and mango with a flash of Balsamic vinegar at the end - not what you may from this part of the world. The only part that may be typical is the slight edge of under-ripe banana that came through at the close of the melt. 

Soma make absolutely fantastic chocolate and although it may not reach the heights of their Porcelana (what could?) it still is a chocolate that should be tried.

Additional Information

Weight 65g
Fairtrade Content N/A
Ingredients Cocoa Beans
Origin Hybrid
Cocoa 70%