Soma Porcelana

Soma Porcelana

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When I first saw the packet containing the Soma Porcelana it was like when Indiana Jones first saw the Ark of the Covenant. Not have I been trying to get some of Soma's chocolate for many years, but I, like many others highly appreciate chocolate made with Porcelana - to my mind the zenith of cocoa, the Holy Grail, so to speak. 

Although there has been some great chocolate made from this been from the likes of Coppeneur, Domori, Bonnat, Amedei and Idilio, there has also been some less than inspiring chocolate from Alain Ducasse, Pralus and you could even through Valrhona into that category too. But still, in general, Porcelana does lead to fantastic chocolate. And this is no different.

The creaminess is what strikes me most about this chocolate. It's that soothing sensation combined with a nutty, buttery profile that I enjoy so much. Although powerful, punchy chocolate gets me most of the time, there's certainly a place for the luxuriousness of this type of chocolate. 

The melt just keeps going on for an age. The chocolate wraps around your tongue and fires shots of sunset-like flavours into your taste-buds. 

I want more. 


Additional Information

Weight 65g
Fairtrade Content N/A
Ingredients Cocoa Beans
Origin Blend: Ecuador, Madagascar, Trinidad
Cocoa 100%