South American 100% Bundle

South American 100% Bundle

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Have you wondered how chocolate from the same continent can be so different? Here we have a bundle of 100% chocolate bars from the South (and a bit of Central) America. We have the absolutely outstanding Zotter 100% from Peru which offers a fairly low intensity when it comes to the acidity - certainly much lower than many people may expect from a 100%.

Next we have the Coppeneur 100% from Ecuador which moves much further towards the mellow and sweeter side - even though there is no added sugar. This again will give a different profile and an indication of the untainted prowess of the Nacional bean that is so renowned with Ecuador.

We also have the Duffy 100% from Panama - which is an origin far too often ignored. This one pushes the intensity factor almost to its limits. It is a completely different experience than any of the others in the bundle. And that's what we love about it.
The AMMA 100% is radically different from the rest, and on the opposite side of the intensity spectrum to Duffy's 100%. This is very rich, very creamy and, although it doesn't have any added milk it has the texture of a milk bar. We feel this is a revolutionary 100%.
If you bought these chocolates individually they would amount to £17.60, however, as a bundle you can enjoy them for just 

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