Stainer 100% Cocoa from Venezuela

Stainer 100% Cocoa from Venezuela

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Although this 100% chocolate is made with cocoa from Venezuela it actually has more of flavour profile reminiscent of India with its black pepper, cinnamon a hint of lemon and certainly not the more northern, 'finer' areas of Venezuela, but more like the Forastero areas of northern Brazil. The mango edge to the chocolate pushes it away from being a pure-bred 100% chocolate and into the realms of intrigue. True, there are some very bitter notes at the edge that invades the mouth during the melt, but with the peppiness and the smoothness of them melt it does become very interesting. Other bites you may witness shots of 'pure oxygen', or what passes for it anyway.

The flavour will continue to deliver its intensity well after the melt and that's why the 50g of this chocolate should last a while.



Cocoa 100% minimum
Ingredients Cocoa mass
Dietary May contain traces of nuts and milk protein
Best Before 30/12/2015
Weight 50g
Batch Number L5123

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