Stainer Beer Mousse Powder

Stainer Beer Mousse Powder

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What can we say? We do like to go a little bit 'left field' at times. What we have here is an unusual 'pudding' that doesn't contain any chocolate, but will contain alcohol when you've made it up.

Each pack contains three sachets of funky powder that you mix with beer and then refrigerate to turn into a very unusual mouse for adults. If you're having a garden party or BBQ and want to serve up something strange to your guests then this surely has to be it. 

In terms of flavour, it's predominately that of beer, but combined with a rich and creamy texture. 

This is certainly something you just have to try once, may be no more, but try it you must.


Servings 1 sachet making around 6 servings in total
Cocoa 0%
Ingredients Sugar, product powder for foaming (glucose syrup, not hydrogenated vegetable oil (palm oil) emulsifier E472b, by-products of milk(, jelly, corn starch, citric acid)
Dietary May contain traces of nuts and soya
Best Before 30/12/2015
Weight 90g
Batch Number L5121

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