Stainer Brut Sparkling Wine Milk Chocolate

Stainer Brut Sparkling Wine Milk Chocolate

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It's amazing how a bar of milk chocolate can so adequately match the real flavour of an alcoholic beverage. The first bite will shock you with its clarity and then it turns into an apple-feast of fruitiness. The grape flavour is pushed to the rear here as it’s just so light and bubbly - with none of the sharp intensity that Champagne-like sparkling wines have. It's still crisp, but very sweet and brings memories of driving through the French, summer-soaked countryside come flooding back.



Cocoa 45% cocoa minimum
Ingredients Sugar; cocoa mass; cocoa butter; whole milk powder; Emulsifier: soya lecithin; natural vanilla; Brut sparkling wine (0.01%).
Dietary May contain traces of nuts and milk protein
Best Before 30/12/2015
Weight 50g
Batch Number L5121
Made in Italy

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