Stainer Grappa Mousse Powder

Stainer Grappa Mousse Powder

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The chances of  you having a bottle of grappa hanging around in a cupboard somewhere is likely to be remote. However, if you have just returned from Italy, or even Austria and you found yourself becoming a touch partial to the grape-based tipple but you've had your fill of consuming it without any adulterations then you might like to consider turning it into a dessert with the aid of this funky mousse powder from Stainer. 

Each packet will make around six flavoursome servings which should surprise any visitor you have this summer. We absolutely love this concept.


Servings 1 sachets making around 6 servings in total
Cocoa 0%
Ingredients Sugar, product powder for foaming (glucose syrup, not hydrogenated vegetable oil (palm oil) emulsifier E472b, by-products of milk(, jelly, corn starch, citric acid)
Dietary May contain traces of nuts and soya
Best Before 30/12/2015
Weight 90g
Batch Number L5121

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