Talamanca Allspice 75%

Talamanca Allspice 75%

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Another from this very small chocolate maker in Costa Rica that completes the entire from the growing and harvesting of the cacao to ever process upto and including the moulding and wrapping of the bars in Puerto Viejo. 

Allspice was very popular with the Mayan civilisation which occupied lands much further to the north, but also with the Bribri peoples that also lived in Costa Rica. Here Talamanca plays a nod to this with a lovely, soft and elegant interpretation that acts as a cross-over between the olden style of spiced hot chocolate and the modern version in bar form. 

We really do like this one

Additional Information

Weight 30g
Cocoa 75% Minimum
Cultivar Matina
Ingredients Cocoa beans, sugar, allspice
Origin Costa Rica
Region Puerto Viejo
Best Before 31/03/2016

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