Talamanca Totonac 75%

Talamanca Totonac 75%

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One of our goals is to bring you as authentic a chocolate experience as humanly possible and I think we're almost there with this chocolate. The cacao was grown, fermented, sun-dried, roasted, winnowed, milled, tempered, moulded and packaged in the one place - the Peter Kring's plantation in Costa Rica. Before Peter took over the land it was run-down and far from being in a position to grow a sustainable crop from it. Thankfully he has worked hard and produced sufficient Matina cocoa to keep going.

The Totonac people were the first producers of vanilla and this is why this particular chocolate bares their name - as Peter adds fresh vanilla beans to the chocolate before it gets to the conching process. Although vanilla is often used by poor-to-low quality chocolate makers to mask poor quality cocoa, Peter uses it here to bring more authentic, pre-Colombian experience - which he certainly manages to do. 

This chocolate certainly isn't the most refined, creamy or soothing of chocolates, but the authenticity and uniqueness certainly makes up for this - also, as far as we're aware, we are the only stockists of Talamanca chocolate in the UK, and probably Europe.

Additional Information

Weight 30g
Cocoa 75% Minimum
Cultivar Matina
Ingredients Cocoa beans, sugar, vanilla
Origin Costa Rica
Region Puerto Viejo
Best Before 31/03/2016

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